Zaid hamid denies again and again

Why Zaid never deny Yousaf Kazzab but the false prophets after Huzur (SAWW)? and How he satisfies his followers? I read his teams and his answers in details to all the queries made by people who want to know the truth and watched his all videos and came to this conclusion. What Mr. Zaid Hamid thinks of Yousaf Kazzab is that Yousaf Kazzab was a Wali Allah who loved prophet (SAWW), and he thinks that Yousaf Kazzab never said that he was a Nabi and was arrested for NO REASON. That’s why he sends LANAT on all the fake prophets but doesn’t mention YOUSAF KAZZAB’s name because in Zaid’s views Yousaf Kazzab didn’t claim to be prophet. And this is how he satisfies his followers by saying every thing against those who claimed to be prophet (Nauzbilah) sparing Yousaf Kazzab.
I guarantee you (the youth) that this man Zaid Hamid will never say a word against Yousaf Kazzab.  He never did and he will never.
In the Audio tape, his voice is clear, even after hearing his all speeches, I can identify his voice from thousand others. It’s absolutely him with Yousaf Kazzab and it’s absolutely him who tried to save him and followed him till his murder in jail.  No one called Hamid Zaid “A KAAFIR”.  In every speech, whenever one asks his links with Yousaf Kazzab, he gets hysteric and instead of explaining his links with Yousaf Kazzab to the audience, he starts this KAAFIR thing.
The worst thing about Zaid hamid is that he is generating a ”War Hysteria among youth”, which is going to take us to no where. Islam is the religion of peace but Mr. Zaid Hamid’s teachings or lectures are taking us to the urge, where there would be only one option “To Die”.
His recent lecture in Faisalabad makes us more clear about his plan. By Taking a Hadith, which is not authentic, he is generating a war hysteria and wants to fulfill this un-authentic Hadith i.e. Ghazwa-e-Hind.
In his speech, he wanted the youth to fulfill this Hadith.  Why?  Even if you consider this Hadith as authentic, it’s a foreseeing. It doesn’t say that you need to fulfill it. If it’s authentic, it will be fulfilled itself.
Have you ever seen a patriot muslim Pakistani, who instead of giving references from Quran and Hadith, gives references of Auliya, facebook and YouTube? See Zaid Hamid!
A question to Mr. Zaid, “How many authentic Ahadeeth, are you following or fulfilling?” You followed a False prophet, you followed him to his death OR say you did not?  You tried to save a person and fought for him, who claimed to be Prophet (Nauzbillah).  Where was your muslimhood then?  Where was your love for Islam and Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)?
All of a sudden, from nowhere Mr. Zaid Hamid appears on TV with his self sponsored programs, which he had been preparing for all the ten years, he was out of scene to fulfill the prophecy of his Murshad Yousaf Kazzab.  He is on Army’s side because he’s son of an army man and he knows how to get sympathies of army.
Government is weak and destabilized already. He wants the mid-term elections like every other political party right now in Pakistan is willing to have. Till then, with his lectures and stuff, he will make a team who will take him as a leader. He dreams of becoming a president of the country with full army support and the very next step after becoming president himself or his team in govt. he dreams of attacking india to fulfill the “Ghazwa-e-Hind”.
On one hand he will thus pay tribute to his beloved dead wali friend Yousaf Kazzab and on the other hand his war hysteria will be satisfied which was provoked in him in his early 20′s and still is with him, proven in his speeches.
Hats off to you Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid.  You chose the right thing.  Its very easy for you to fool the young generation with false un-authentic sources and emotional words and phrases and once you’re succeeded, youth in your hand means the future of Pakistan to be in your hands. (*clapping for your master plan*)
All the above said is my analysis of Zaid Hamid.  Readers can have absolutely different opinions.

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  1. For God's sake do not say anything to people who have been appointed and ordered by Allah for their duty! You will know it within an year, so at least do what u know! Then we will see who is good and bad!

    I used to like Katam-e-Nabuwwat but see what they did! They blamed and got an FIR against Zaid Hamid that he killed Molana Saeed Jalalpuri although Zaid Hamid said Molana was killed by Qadiyanis.

    Just a few weeks earlier the killers were arrested and they had links with Qadiyanis and NOT with Zaid Hamid! Now I hate these mullahs of whom even the police officers (who made the FIR) were also making fun that "Molvi sahiban are making FIR of a qatal against a person who was and is in Rawalpindi!"

    Now u decide who is good and bad!

    Also go back and read what Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai R.A. used to say! You will know that is all what Zaid Hamid speaks about!

    Regarding the Yousuf's case its better not to add kazzab when there are great doubts, so u do not get caught in akhirat! Otherwise u know Islam does not allow any one to blame any person on just false information!

    Zaid Hamid fluently talks about the Ziarat-e-Nabwi S.A.A.W by many great scholars including Quiad-e-Azam, Molana Asharaf Ali Thanwi, Allama Shabir Ahmed Usmani, so if u go against these as well then you will go out of Emaan. So do not reject anything u do not know about!

    I do not want to leave my work and go in details of all this! Let me tell u Allah needs small no. of people as our history shows that we have been a few hundreds to change the world! So if u do not join then do not think it will make a difference to us but to u alone!

    Listen guys dont think Allah needs u, but u need Allah! So u just need to decide where u want to be: right side of the history or wrong side!

    Pakistan Zindabad