A new discussion topic on ZHE facebook page titled “Zaid Hamid’s Current Sources of Funding ?” has created a stir up in the Zaid Hamid fan camp. The point of contention is the statement made in the discussion topic that:

ZH was funded by ISI, which took back its support after Moulana Jalalpuri’s murder. After ISI backed off, ZH’s Alhamra Theatre NOC was cancelled by a mere DCO of Lahore.

Apparently Zaid Hamid fans are finding it hard to believe that all the media time and popularity that Zaid Hamid enjoyed was funded and not Zaid Hamid’s own accomplishment. There response is typical and usual, which is to accuse us of lies and propaganda. However, little do they know that Zaid Hamid has himself admitted on a TV program that he was funded by Pak Army and ISI.

Watch the video embedded below and do listen to it carefully.

Zaid Hamid himself tells Bilal Qutab during the first 30 seconds of the video that he writes his reports and sells them for a fee and after 2007, he started selling it to Army. On this Bilal Qutab asks Zaid Hamid at 0:33 seconds that “So Parvez Musharraf Ki Jo Government thi that was buying your security reports from you as a think tank“. Zaid Hamid nodes to it and acknowledges it.

On this Bilal Qutab states that Zaid sahab dont you think that it would be a very weak thing for the Pak Army to take advise from a private consultant. Zaid Hamid then goes on to defend this for the next one min or so.

So once again listen to the first one and a half minute of this video again and again, if you still think that Zaid Hamid was not funded and supported by ISI and Pakistan Army.

May be this is what Nizam Fareed Chisti is referring to in his comment on ZHE’s facebook page:

Nizam Farid Chishti ‎@ beta enl ZH kee leak video dekho us mein wo kehta hai k yusuf ali ka aqeeda wohi tha jo hazrat data gunj bakhsh ya hazrat abdul qadir jilani ka tha….abhi mubasher lucman k saath us ka ja program hoa hai us mein us nay yusuf kazab ko 3 baar “mystic” kaha hai….jahil insaan mystic ka matlab jantay ho tum… uskee court evidence kee audio suna 52 min kee hai zh say khud ja kar poocho k ager wo fake hai… us mein jakay suno k yusuf kazab kis terah isko sahabi kehta hai kistera isko “sadeeq” kehta hai or kis terah isko apnay oper imaan lanay walay sab say pehla shakhs kehta hai or is kay zaid hamid aker kia bukta hai… zaid hamid say ja kar poocho k ager wo audio fake hai ya nahi…. uska javab mil jaye to doob merna… apni kabar bhi kaheen or jaa bunana takay yeh mati tumharay jaisay ghadaron k khoon say pak rahay… in early 1990’s zaid hamid k ghar pay yusuf kazab kee poori poori mehfilein lagti thee… beech mein ap k ISI k buhut baray afser sahib bhi apna emaan baichnay jatay thay….jinhon nay zaid hamid ko ISI mein reports baichnay ka dhanda start ker k dia… zaid hamid ka ghar buhut say saal yusuf kazab ka islamabad-pindi ka dera buna hoa tha…mujlis hoti k baad yusuf kay aik or sahabi abdul wahid khan k ghar islamabad mein shift hogia tha…poocho is say is kee pichli bivi (Allah nay unko hidayat dee hai) iskeee gawah hain….wo pooray din drawing mein bethay yusuf kazab ke mehmaano k liye khanay paka paka thak jati thi…

zaid hamid nay ab ja k thora buhut realise kerna shiru kia hai usnay ab yusuf k liye”hard words” istemaal kernay shiru kiye hian… inshallah wo usko officially kazab bhi declare kerdayga… aqal arahi hai usay bhi….or mujhe bhuhut afsos hai k tumhara taluk ager isi say hai…kion k isi is mulk kee ankh hai is mulk kee soch hai ager wohi itni andhi hogai hai to is mulk ko Allah bachaye.

This is no secret that Zaid Hamid was launched into the Media with ISI support and funding and that ISI paid him hefty amounts in the name of buying his security reports, the same reports that Zaid Hamid is now trying to sell for Rs 300/- without any success.


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  1. For God's sake do not say anything to people who have been appointed and ordered by Allah for their duty! You will know it within an year, so at least do what u know! Then we will see who is good and bad!

    I used to like Katam-e-Nabuwwat but see what they did! They blamed and got an FIR against Zaid Hamid that he killed Molana Saeed Jalalpuri although Zaid Hamid said Molana was killed by Qadiyanis.

    Just a few weeks earlier the killers were arrested and they had links with Qadiyanis and NOT with Zaid Hamid! Now I hate these mullahs of whom even the police officers (who made the FIR) were also making fun that "Molvi sahiban are making FIR of a qatal against a person who was and is in Rawalpindi!"

    Now u decide who is good and bad!

    Also go back and read what Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai R.A. used to say! You will know that is all what Zaid Hamid speaks about!

    Regarding the Yousuf's case its better not to add kazzab when there are great doubts, so u do not get caught in akhirat! Otherwise u know Islam does not allow any one to blame any person on just false information!

    Zaid Hamid fluently talks about the Ziarat-e-Nabwi S.A.A.W by many great scholars including Quiad-e-Azam, Molana Asharaf Ali Thanwi, Allama Shabir Ahmed Usmani, so if u go against these as well then you will go out of Emaan. So do not reject anything u do not know about!

    I do not want to leave my work and go in details of all this! Let me tell u Allah needs small no. of people as our history shows that we have been a few hundreds to change the world! So if u do not join then do not think it will make a difference to us but to u alone!

    Listen guys dont think Allah needs u, but u need Allah! So u just need to decide where u want to be: right side of the history or wrong side!

    Pakistan Zindabad