video of Liar Zaid Zaman Hamid

courtesy ZHE

Watch the video from 2:25 — 2:40

Zaid Hamid: Ye Kehna Ke Us Nay Nabowat Ka Dawah Kiya Hai Aik Bohat Bari Baat Hai.

Host – Bilal Qutab: Us Nay (Yusuf Kazzab nay) Meray Sa’amnay (Dawah-e-Nabowat) Kiya hai.

Zaid Hamid: Yqeenan Kiya Hoga Do Logon Ko Sharai Adalat Main Ja Ker Evidence Dayni Chaye Aur Sharai Adalat Us Ke Baray Main Faisla Keray I AM NOT GOING TO ACT AS A SHARAI JUDGE.

Please note this point that from 2:25 — 2:40 Zaid Hamid is stating that he will not act as a JUDGE.

Now watch the video from 2:40 — 2:55

Host – Bilal Qutab: Shah Sahab aik zimni sawal. Aik shaks kehta hay kay main paighamber hon yahan per aa kar aap kay Ishaq-e-Rasool ki ghairat itni kiun num hojati hai kay aap yeh kahaingay kay ye faisla adalat keraygi ?

Zaid Hamid: Ager woh meray samnay kahay ga to I’ll Kill Him.

Wait wait wait !!!!

What did he just say that he will kill a person who will say in front of him that He is a Prophet. But just 10 seconds back, Zaid Hamid was saying that he will not act as a JUDGE on Khatame Nabuwwat issue and now he is stating that he will kill a person who declares himself to be Prophet in front of him.

So 10 seconds back Zaid Hamid was not willing to act as a Judge but 10 seconds later he stated that he will not just act as a Judge and decide that this person has committed Gustakhi e Rasool but will also act as an executioner and will execute the person then and there.

On one hand he is unwilling to act as a judge on Yusuf Kazzab issue, but on the other hand he is willing to execute a hypothetical person on spot for committing a blasphemy.

So the blasphemy of an hypothetical person is a blasphemy to Zaid Hamid that should be punished by death immediately, but the blasphemy of Yusuf Kazzab is not.

What a hypocrite !!!

What a Gustakh e Rasool !!!

What a Munafiq !!!


  1. yar is se pehle part me jo us ne kaha tha ke wo ek gumrah shakhs tha me us k aqeede ko follow nahi karta. muje ye bat samjao k koi apne nabi ko gumrah kahe ga. i need answer

  2. For God's sake do not say anything to people who have been appointed and ordered by Allah for their duty! You will know it within an year, so at least do what u know! Then we will see who is good and bad!

    I used to like Katam-e-Nabuwwat but see what they did! They blamed and got an FIR against Zaid Hamid that he killed Molana Saeed Jalalpuri although Zaid Hamid said Molana was killed by Qadiyanis.

    Just a few weeks earlier the killers were arrested and they had links with Qadiyanis and NOT with Zaid Hamid! Now I hate these mullahs of whom even the police officers (who made the FIR) were also making fun that "Molvi sahiban are making FIR of a qatal against a person who was and is in Rawalpindi!"

    Now u decide who is good and bad!

    Also go back and read what Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai R.A. used to say! You will know that is all what Zaid Hamid speaks about!

    Regarding the Yousuf's case its better not to add kazzab when there are great doubts, so u do not get caught in akhirat! Otherwise u know Islam does not allow any one to blame any person on just false information!

    Zaid Hamid fluently talks about the Ziarat-e-Nabwi S.A.A.W by many great scholars including Quiad-e-Azam, Molana Asharaf Ali Thanwi, Allama Shabir Ahmed Usmani, so if u go against these as well then you will go out of Emaan. So do not reject anything u do not know about!

    I do not want to leave my work and go in details of all this! Let me tell u Allah needs small no. of people as our history shows that we have been a few hundreds to change the world! So if u do not join then do not think it will make a difference to us but to u alone!

    Listen guys dont think Allah needs u, but u need Allah! So u just need to decide where u want to be: right side of the history or wrong side!

    Pakistan Zindabad